We are so excited that you are reviewing our website! For you to even be at this place in cyberspace helps us know you are interested in improving your health and perhaps, the health of your entire family. From a first glance at our website, you might feel that we are only focused on weight loss. We are not, however, only about getting skinny – this company is about getting healthy! Skinny people drop dead every day. Our focus is on getting you healthy.


My name is Susan. I was one of those skinny people for most of my life. I ate anything I wanted and as much as I wanted. My food habits seemed to not affect my weight at all because I had a very high metabolism. So I mistakenly thought I was healthy. By the time I reached my forties my metabolism slowed down and I started gaining. I didn’t have a clue what to do about it. On top of that, I reached that “special time” in a woman’s life when your hormones seem to go haywire and that didn’t help the situation at all. By the time I hit fifty, I had belly fat, big thighs, and puffy cheeks, I had put 20 additional pounds on a small frame and I felt every bit of it.

I did everything I knew to do and yes, I am very active and I even started going to the gym but nothing was happening. I had a small investment in Spanx (ladies, you know what I’m talking about).

This program actually found me in late February of 2013. I liked the fact that it was all-natural and homeopathic, it was developed by doctors, it had been through clinical trials, and especially, it focused on my entire health, not just my weight . This made sense to me. I knew I was going to have to make some major changes to get myself back (or the self I wanted to be).

That was five months ago and I can tell you: I haven’t felt this good, this healthy, since my 20s, and I’ve been off the weight loss portion of the program for 2 months. Yes, my body released those 20 extra pounds (14 in March and 7 in April). I still love to eat but I am smarter about what I eat and the portions. I work out, and I never miss a day of feeding my body the nutrients and minerals it needs to function at its premium. My husband only uses premium gas in his beloved SRT8. Why would you give your body anything but the best? And that’s what we have here.

I started Nashville HealthNote because I wanted to give other people the opportunity, access to the best products, and provide the support needed for them to change their lives, too. You will see people on this website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages that have finally found a way to get healthy. It doesn’t matter where you currently are, whether you need to lose 100 pounds or 10 pounds. Perhaps your weight is not the issue, but you are addicted to energy drinks, diet sodas, or you know your body is not receiving the proper nutrition to run at top speed. We can help you retune your body the safe, all-natural way.

Give us a call, schedule a consultation. Consultations are always free and lets determine if we can serve you.

My team and I look forward to talking with you!

Susan Burger-Wipperman

Look who joined us at our January conference in Nashville!


L-R: Mark Wilson (President & Co-founder), Dr. Fred Cooper (CEO & Co-founder), Deanna Latson (CPO & Co-founder), Woodson Gardner, Susan Burger-Wipperman, Dr. Ginger (Certified Holistic Health Instructor, Hippocrates Health Institute), Chris Doyle, Dr. Michael Dimayuga (Internal Medicine), Steve Swartz, Todd Rowland