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Weight Loss Success Tips

Weight Loss Success Tips   Does this sound like you?…Do you feel like you need a college degree in mathematics to figure out all the weight you’ve lost and gained an then lost and gained and then…you know the drill…and so does Nashville Healthnote.   Your diets always start off the same; you are totally […]

New Motivation

New Motivation We’ve all been there before; you go on a diet or you start an exercise program and then it happens…you lose your motivation. This usually happens when your weight hits a plateau. You may start getting the mindset that what you’re doing isn’t working any longer because the numbers on the scale aren’t […]

School Germs Be Gone!

School Germs Be Gone! Why is it that all summer long your children are totally healthy? Is it because they are running around in the fresh air? Or is it because they know they can sleep in and have fun instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to go to school? (Fakers.) Now […]

Weight Loss Tips to Help You Succeed

Weight Loss Tips to Help You Succeed   We all know that losing weight is a chore. Seriously, it was so easy (and fun…fried foods, ice cream sundaes, pizza, etc.) to put the pounds on. But did it really happen overnight? Nope; it slowly crept on and then one day your top pant’s button burst. […]

The Healthy Family

The Healthy Family   Think about when you were growing up. Did your dad come home from work and want your mom to have dinner on the table at five o’clock sharp? Did the nightly homemade meal consist of a meat, a vegetable, a bunch of starchy mashed potatoes that were made with an entire […]

Weekly Webinars

Weekly Webinars We’ve all been there; we go on a diet without any help from others. Well going it alone doesn’t always work. After you’ve been dieting for a little while it gets harder because you stop losing as much as you did in the first few weeks and maybe even hit a plateau. Talking […]

The Capitals of Weight Loss

The Capitals of Weight Loss Well since it is our nation’s birthday, I have a capital idea for this week’s Nashville Healthnote blog. Being that we are located in Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, how about we fill you in on some fun and interesting diet and nutrition facts, then mention the capital city where […]

Fun Diet & Nutrition Facts

Fun Diet & Nutrition Facts   Each week, Nashville Healthnote writes informative blogs about weight loss, MOA, “super foods”,  making healthy lifestyle changes, and their diet program in general. This week, however, in the spirit of “Summer Fun”, Nashville Healthnote presents “Fun Facts About Diet and Nutrition”.   Lettuce is the only vegetable never sold […]

Making Weight Loss History

Making Weight Loss History We’ve all heard of fad diets, quick weight loss solutions that work fast, make you miserable and then cause you to gain even more weight back once you go off them. There’s the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Lemonade Diet, the Amputation Diet (That one sounds scary.), the Hollywood Diet, the list […]

Wear Less & Look Your Best

Wear Less & Look Your Best Okay, way back in March I wrote about how maybe you didn’t want to wear that bikini during Spring Break, but that you still have plenty of time to do it before Summer Vacation. Well, did you do it? Did you check out Nashville Healthnote’s website at and […]