Diet’s Flu Fighting Benefits

Diet’s Flu Fighting Benefits


Runny noses, aching muscles, sneezing (bless you), headaches, fevers, and a couple unpleasant things we won’t mention…flu season is upon us. Some people got their flu shots, others didn’t. If you did, you will probably be lucky enough to catch the strain not covered by the immunization. So what can you do to avoid being sick?

Yeah, washing your hands is a biggie, but how about having an immune system that’s so healthy, you rarely fall ill? Sounds like a plan to me. Nashville Healthnote is known on Music Row as THE place to go if you would like to lose weight. But did you know that losing weight isn’t the only benefit your body gains from following Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss program?

It’s true. Many people who have lost weight, have also been taken off their prescriptions by their doctor (or had the dosage lowered) for high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. Just think, if using Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss program can help with health problems like those, what could it do for something as common as the flu or a cold?

Well here’s the facts…
Quercetin, found in such foods as apples, citrus fruits, parsley, and onions, helps with everything from cancer prevention to allergy relief.
Garlic (as in keeps you safe from vampires) and virgin olive oil not only make your dishes more flavorful and are heart healthy, but they also fight bacteria, fungi and viruses (like the flu!).
Zinc, found in mushrooms and oysters, fights infections (umm, like when you have the seasonal junk that’s going around now).
Live Cultures – you find ‘em in yogurt…they work on your immune system from inside in the stomach. So I’m thinking that other nasty flu effect I didn’t care to mention earlier, might be avoided if you chow down on some creamy goodness in the morning. (Hey, there’s nothing bad about breakfast that comes in flavors like strawberry or Boston Cream Pie :-)

Okay, enough boring facts…here’s the deal…

If you follow Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss program, which includes eating all the healthy food items I just mentioned (Check out their Approved Foods List.), you just may be able to avoid the flu season with flying colors (and lose weight of course).

Well, that sounds like a win win to me. Get skinny (and I’m not talking losing weight ‘because you are barfing with the flu) and avoid catching the crud of the season going around. Cool! I can’t think of a better time to give Nashville Healthnote a call. You can lose weight (which is probably on your New Year’s resolution list anyway) and you can avoid the..ahem..unpleasantries of catching the season’s diseases.