Feeling Lethargic?

Feeling Lethargic?

Is your energy drained? Do you feel like taking a nap? Is it hard to get up and get motivated? Or (Hey, it’s about Halloween time, so I gotta add this one.) Are you walking around like a zombie? If so, I know it’ll be hard, but get up and do something about it. Have you checked out the products Nashville Healthnote carries?

So many people run into the convenient store and grab a “certain amount of hours” energy drink. (Like I’m really going to say their product name and promote them.) Well, let me ask you this…Do the words glucurorolactore, citicoline, pyridoxine, and N-acetyl (I swear that seems like something I read is in my finger nail polish remover) sound like things you want to put in your body, ‘cause that’s what’s in it? Yeah, I thought so.

Now how does this list of ingredients sound:

  • All Natural Superfruits

  • Acai Berry

  • Sea-Buckthorn (I had to google that one too. Turns out its another berry found in Asia and Europe.)

  • Noni (I’ll help you out here…it’s a tropical medicinal plant found in Tahiti.)

Those ingredients sound better, right? I mean, hey, at least you can pronounce and spell them :-) Those all natural ingredients are what is found in one of the great products that Nashville Healthnote carries. And let me tell you, they work!!!

My husband came into work one day looking totally sluggish. I handed him a glass of water and one of these all-natural super fruit filled supplements and asked him to take it. He did and he woke up pretty fast. He felt energized and ready to go on with his day. He’s now a true believer in this Nashville Healthnote product I asked him to try.

Oh, and my son, who’s off at college, had a few big exams to study for, so I mailed him a bottle of Nashville Healthnote’s energizing supplement. Guess what he said? Nevermind, I’ll just tell you. “Mom, we are gonna be rich. I can sell this stuff to everyone on campus around finals time!” Seriously, I’m not making this up. He felt so energized, he was able to study with a clear mind and pass his exams. Why? Because its all natural.

See here’s the thing, some students who need to stay awake studying for hours, may purchase some NoDoz. Well, not only is there so much caffeine in them (Seriously, I took them one time and one time only because I swear I couldn’t fall asleep for two days.), but they have messed up side effects like nausea, trouble sleeping (I’ll attest to that one), dizziness, and more.

The all-natural superfruit supplement Nashville Healthnote offers sounds better by the minute, doesn’t it? Not only will your body feel invigorated and energized, but the berries it contains are filled with antioxidants that support mental health and an overall sense of well-being. Plus, since its all-natural, there is no crash or let down later in the day when it wears off. Basically, you are getting a lot of great vitamins, antioxidants and benefits that your body loves, all from fruit, with no side effects.

And speaking of one of the fruits in it, did you know that acai berry, grown in Brazil, means “tree of life”? It’s true. Doesn’t get any better than that :-) So why not give Nashville Healthnote a call and ask about their energy supplement. I’m pretty sure it will be an eye opening experience. (As in not tired and droopy eyed because you are awake from the product. I know, it was a bad play on words.) Seriously, give Nashville Healthnote a ring.