Happy With Your Spring Break Body?

Happy With Your Spring Break Body?

It was an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini…THAT I DIDN’T WEAR ON SPRING BREAK. I was a good mom and took the kids to the beach for their short vacation from school. But unlike the other years, I was not strutting my stuff in a bikini as I combed the beach for shells. Nope, I had on shorts and a shirt that covered my gut. Sound familiar?

It seems this past year (I am getting up there in age and my hormones are out of whack.) I have been walking more (That counts as exercise, right?) and I really didn’t change my eating habits. Yet the size of my waistline and the number on my scale has increased. I tried replacing the scale’s batteries, but it still displayed the same ugly number. I bought new pants, telling myself the other ones must have shrank in the dryer. It didn’t help.

So what am I to do? If I keep gaining weight even while eating healthy and exercising, I may as well join the circus as the fat lady. WRONG ANSWER. I discovered a weight loss product that has kicked my self pity party out the door.

While at the Southern Women’s Show in Nashville, I walked by a booth set up by Nashville Healthnote. There are so many diet and weight loss programs that claim to have the magic cure, I kept walking. But the more I thought about it, I figured I had nothing to lose. So I went back and talked to one of their trained weight loss professionals.

It turns out Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss drops are homeopathic and all natural. That means that unlike other so-called products, theirs is actually derived from plants, berries, proteins, whatever…just not a bunch of chemicals I am unable to pronounce. Plus, since the weight loss product is homeopathic, it works to correct my body and get it working like the fine tuned machine it was when I was little. So no more of this hormonal imbalance junk that is going on and causing me to have weight gain.

You know, I was shown a lot of before and in process (not after) photos by Nashville Healthnote, and I gotta say, the men and women who have tried their product look amazing! They lost 10-20 pounds per month and are leading more active lives than they had in years. I am totally trying these weight loss drops out.

Forget looking forward to a redo during next year’s Spring Break. I am looking forward to this long Summer Break. Why? Because with the help of Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss product, I will be at the pool everyday with my kids in my bikini. (But it will probably be pink, because yellow polka dots are just not my color :-) Go ahead, go to www.tnhealthnote.com and check it out for yourself. I guarantee you will give them a call if you do.