It Was Only THE Best Weight Loss Seminar Ever

It Was Only THE Best Weight Loss Seminar Ever


To quote the late, great baseball announcer, Harry Caray, “Holy Cow!”.  Nashville Healthnote hosted an eight hour seminar yesterday for people who are interested, or already are, selling the same life changing weight loss and overall health products as they are. Speaking in front of a sold out crowd (over 150) at one of Vanderbilt University’s auditoriums in Nashville, TN, were three of the company’s top executives.

I gotta say, this is the first time I have attended a seminar where yawns were replaced with sheer excitement for THE ENTIRE TIME. Why? Because every person in the room had tried the products and truly believes in them. I was pretty close to having a headache by the time it was over from everyone constantly clapping so loud. And they weren’t fake claps done out of courtesy either; everyone in attendance was genuinely stoked.

At one point during the seminar, everyone who had tried the weight loss product was asked to stand up and say their total weight lost so far. Once done and added up, 2807 pounds were shed. They lost 1.4 tons! A whale, for goodness sake! Have you ever heard of another product that SAFELY allowed you to lose that kind of weight? No.

And speaking of other weight loss plans, a few were brought up…perhaps you’ve heard of them. Atkins ~ There is a reason Dr. Atkins was never photographed below the chest…because he looked pregnant. Seriously, if the company’s founder looks like that, I’m thinking it doesn’t work, but he made a lot of money selling it before passing away. There’s also the Cookie Diet. Gotta say, one look at Santa Clause proves that doesn’t work. Oh, and then there’s Dexatrim which has you bouncing off the walls like you’re on speed. You starve on Slim Fast and gain it back the second you stop drinking the shakes. And Ephedra is okay if you like an illegal drug that may kill you.

Perhaps that explains the excitement in the room. Finally there is a weight loss product that is homeopathic, completely safe, all natural…AND ACTUALLY WORKS. For the first hour, client after client stood up and gave their testimonial, told about their experience with Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss products. Yes, they all lost weight. But the stories were all so inspiring because each person, in his own way, got his or her life back.

Some people were stuck on the couch, unable to move or in a wheelchair…now they are walking. Some were depressed because felt they couldn’t be a parent who participates in their children’s lives…now they can. And others were told by their doctor they were so obese, they wouldn’t live a long life…now they can. There were many stories, all of which were positive thanks to the weight loss products sold at Nashville Healthnote.

Well, I could go on and on about the positive energy in the room and the positive effects Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss products have had on people. No really, I could. So stay tuned for the next blog because I’m going to let you in on a few secrets I learned at the seminar…Secrets That Could Change Your Life :-)