Lasting Weight Loss Success Story

Lasting Weight Loss Success Story


Ok ladies, I know its been five months since Nashville’s Southern Women’s Show, but try to think back, please. There was a booth dedicated to an all natural, homeopathic weight loss product. Many of you stopped by, learned about how to become healthier, and even left your e-mail address.

Well, as you recall, we were in the process of accepting applications from people who wanted to lose weight the healthy way for a Beta Test Group. Nashville Healthnote’s first group of winners (meaning they are big time weight loss losers), has not only lost weight, but has kept it off and continues to lose.

Some of our successes include Regina, who lost 33 pounds in just five weeks. Ken lost  41 pounds in nine weeks. Scott lost 70 pounds. And there are many many more success stories among our first clients. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Good for those people, but how does this affect me? I wasn’t part of the group.”

Well, its your lucky day! Nashville Healthnote is about to begin a second Beta Test Group and you can be part of it! That’s right, YOU CAN BE THE NEXT SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS STORY! And here’s a list of some of the prizes you could win:


  • More Energy

  • Less Headaches

  • Less Medications

  • Positive Self Image

  • and Weight Loss that Stays Lost :-)


Sound too good to be true? Well its not. This Program Changes Lives!


So contact the professionals at Nashville Healthnote today and learn all about how you can successfully lose weight, the healthy, all natural way.