Maintaining Weight Loss

Maintaining Weight Loss

Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Is that what the number on your scale does when you go on a diet for the umpteenth time and then go off of it, only to gain back the weight you lost and more? Well throw that scenario out the window and don’t look back. With the help of Nashville Healthnote, you can lose the weight and keep it off for good this time.

For your last diet did you try a bottle of one of those “As Seen on TV” weight loss pills? You probably dropped weight fast, didn’t you? But did you learn healthy habits that led to keeping the weight off? I’m guessing not. With Nashville Healthnote’s all-natural weight loss product, you will safely lose ½ to ⅔  pounds a day until you reach your ideal weight.

What makes Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss program different from other programs, you ask? Here’s the deal, you body was designed to run efficiently; its the way God intended. But over the years, somewhere between eating fast food and frozen pizzas (you can admit it), you screwed up your metabolism. Maybe you even rely on energy drinks because you always feel drained. Phase Two (out of three phases) retunes your body back to its original state.

The meals you eat in Phase Two are designed to reset your metabolism. You will no longer sit and watch a movie with a huge bowl of buttery popcorn. You will no longer have a midnight snack of chocolate chip cookies when nobody is watching. You will no longer fill your plate and then go back for seconds. And you will no longer need to spend $3.50 on an energy drink each morning.

Why? Because since you have eaten right and taken Nashville Healthnote’s products. You now choose to eat healthy foods over junk foods. Your body is no longer craving sweets, your appetite is curbed, and you finally have energy because your body is working correctly. See, thats what’s so great about Nashville Healthnote’s program; it focuses on weight loss, as well as your overall health.

By the time you have reached your goal, your ideal weight, and start Phase Three (the maintenance phase), you are set up for success. Maintaining your weight will come naturally. You gradually lost your extra pounds and it has become second nature for you to grab a healthy alternative to snack on instead of chips. You actually crave fresh foods that are good for your body as opposed to prepackaged crud in a box that leaves you less than energetic and feeling blah afterwards.

End result…You Keep the Weight Off :-)

Hey, I’m not being naive here; I realize there will be birthday parties, and you gotta have a slice of cake, it’s bad luck not to. No worries. You’ve done great on Nashville Healthnote’s program. An occasional sweet does not mean you fell of the weight loss wagon. You will not gain your weight back overnight.

Your Body is Now a Fine Tuned Machine

Dear Customer,

Congratulations on your success. You lost the fat. You feel fantastic, better than you have in years, actually. And you will never go back to the way you were before.


Nashville Healthnote