Nashville Celebrates Weight Loss

Nashville Celebrates Weight Loss

Well it was quite the extravaganza at Nashville Healthnote last Friday evening. And who was the Guest of Honor at such an event, you ask? EVERYBODY in attendance. It was the First Annual Weight Loss Celebration Party and each guest had successfully lost weight using Nashville Healthnote’s all-natural, homeopathic supplement drops.

Held downtown, on world famous Music Row, guests wandered inside and out of Nashville Healthnote’s headquarters. And let me tell you, the stars in the sky were not the only things shining. Guests were glowing as they shared weight loss success stories with one another.

Upon arrival, each Guest of Honor weighed in privately and was given a badge to proudly wear, saying how much weight they had lost to date on Nashville Healthnote’s program. A few of the biggest losers (which means they’re winners), were…

  • Randall lost 60 pounds to date. He looks younger, feels younger, and has been taken off his diabetes medication by his doctor.

  • Chris has lost 55 pounds so far. He feels great, and claims the drops help curb his appetite and keep his cravings at bay.

  • Jewelie, who was looking like a jewel herself all dressed in regal purple, just began the program in September and has already dropped 20 pounds. Wow!

  • Sharon, AKA “The Hot Skinny Chick” in a red shirt, has lost 35 pounds in only 8 weeks. That’s an average of 4.375 pounds per week, every week. Incredible!

All in all, after each guest had weighed in, a total of 450 pounds were lost, all due to Nashville Healthnote’s all-natural, homeopathic drops. That’s crazy results. But weight loss wasn’t the only topic discussed by mingling party goers. Many guests could be overheard saying how energized they feel now or how their doctors have cut their medications in half. One gentleman even mentioned that after his doctor saw such a dramatic drop in his resting blood sugar (that’s a good thing when you have type 2 diabetes), he astonishingly said “Whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it!”

Of course, hors d’oeuvres were served, beverages were flowing, and decorations were admired. It wouldn’t be a party without those now, would it? All in all, Nashville Healthnote’s 1st Annual Weight Loss Celebration Party was a huge success. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone who was there how big the smiles were. This program truly does change lives!