Presenting…Live From The Southern Women’s Show, it’s Nashville Healthnote

Presenting…Live From The Southern Women’s Show,
it’s Nashville Healthnote

Music, shopping, celebrities, food samples, giveaways, and more. What “more”, you ask? How about the opportunity to lose weight and keep it off with a new healthy lifestyle. And where can you find all these things at one location?

The 2014 Southern Women’s Show

Held this year at the Music City Center in Nashville. March 27-30, The Southern Women’s Show is a favorite to attend among ladies in Middle Tennessee. From the moment you arrive, the excitement begins.

Girlfriends, mothers and daughters, single ladies, can all enjoy a day away from the stresses of work (big brother) and home life (whiney children) by indulging in shopping, meet and greets, free facials, all while listening to entertainment and watching award winning celebrity chefs who will show you how to create easy, quick, delicious, and healthy dishes at home. Hey, if you are really lucky, maybe you will hear the loudspeaker say, “(Fill in your name here.) has won a trip to Florida! (or a Nordstrom shopping spree, etc.)”

Oh, do you have bad luck like me? You didn’t hear your name called on the intercom? Don’t worry…

You Are Still A Winner!

Why, because just like last year, Nashville Healthnote will have a booth you can visit. (#308 & #310 if you want to make a mental note.) At last year’s event, Nashville Healthnote successfully had a group of ladies sign up to be part of a beta test to lose weight. THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN ASTOUNDING!

The women (and some men too) who participated in our beta testing, successfully lost 10, 15, even 20 pounds EVERY 4 weeks. A few of the ladies are on maintenance now and some are still trying to reach their goal weight. ALL of the women, however, have changed their lives by changing their eating habits.

You see, at first glance, it may look like Nashville Healthnote is all about getting skinny. But in fact, skinny people drop dead every day. Nashville Healthnote’s focus is all about getting you healthy. Their weight loss products are all-natural and homeopathic, which means they are totally safe and can even be taken with medications you may be on without any side effects. (Except for the best effect of all…WEIGHT LOSS!!!)

Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss products are taken before meals, which helps to curb your appetite and minimize cravings. Actually, when you are hungry, you will start to crave healthy food rather than processed junk. That said, maybe you should pay attention to the celebrity chef demonstrations at the Southern Women’s Show, because you may crave some of the healthy recipes they created.

Another great thing about about Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss products is since they are all natural, they support brain health, aid in digestion, lower stress levels (sort of like how you will feel when you leave work or home to attend the show), and give you a natural metabolism boost. Hey, if they call your name over the loudspeaker and announce that you won the $500 shopping spree, you will need all the metabolism you can get so you can shop ‘til you drop :-)

So remember, March 27-30, mark down the Southern Women’s Show on your calendar and stop by Nashville Healthnote’s booths located at #308 and #310. You will have fun, fun, fun enjoying all the activities planned. Plus, even if your name isn’t announced, you can still be a winner if you sit down with Nashville Healthnote for a consultation and learn how their weight loss products can CHANGE YOUR LIFE.