Remember The Flintstones?

Remember The Flintstones?

I’m sure you remember the routine. Your mom would wake you up for school and make your breakfast each morning. You would sit down at the table, and before beginning to eat, you would chew on a Flintstones Vitamin. You weren’t sure why, but she said it was good for you, so you ate it. It would make you grow tall and strong she said. If so, why have you let that routine fall by the wayside?

When you were little, you took your daily vitamin, learned a ton of cool things at school because you weren’t mentally sluggish, and ran around outside for hours because you were full of energy. Wouldn’t it be nice to be like that again? Nashville Healthnote can help you recapture those old feelings.

Nashville Healthnote understands the stresses of life may sometimes get in the way of eating completely healthy (remember the food group pyramid you learned about in grade school) . Perhaps you are rushing around, playing chauffeur to your children who need to be on different sides of town at the same time, so you grab a quick bite to eat at a fastfood restaurant. Maybe you just had a long, hard, day at work and you are too tired to cook a healthy meal, so you order pizza for the family. Whatever the reason, Nashville Healthnote has a vitamin supplement that will help boost your health and give your body the nutrients its missing out on.

Maybe you are thinking, “Mom always said my vitamin would make me grow healthy and strong.” While none of us want to grow anymore (cause lets face it, we aren’t growing upward any longer, and we’re trying to avoid the outward growth), we do want to be healthy. Osteoporosis (bone health), Alzheimer’s (brain health), various heart conditions (heart health)…whatever your area of concern, Nashville Healthnote’s Vitamin supplement, called Optimals, can give you the added nutritional support you need for a healthy body because it contains over 47 vitamins and minerals.

Maybe you are a total health nut (I’m not one, but I hear they exist.). You eat healthy and exercise daily.) You eat your fruits and veggies. Guess what…YOU STILL NEED TO TAKE A DAILY VITAMIN. Why? Because while foods have nutrients in them, the body absorbs them better with help. For example, you drink milk for its calcium which helps with healthy bone development (that, and it tastes awesome with a chocolate chip cookie). But did you know the body absorbs calcium more efficiently with the help of Vitamin D? It’s true; Google it.

Okay, we’ve established everyone needs to take a daily supplement, no matter how healthy they are. But when should you take it? You know what? It doesn’t really matter, as long as you take it twice daily. But here’s an idea…I’m gonna get nostalgic on you now…why not take one of your two daily Optimals in the morning? Go back to the same routine you had as a child. Who knows, you may even get the urge (AKA energy) to go outside and run or play afterwards :-)

So if you are craving more energy or maybe just want to keep your body healthy, remember…

Vitamins Aren’t Just For Kids to Take in the Morning Before School.

Give Nashville Healthnote a call today and learn how their Optimals can help adults too.