Shh, It’s a Nutritional Secret

Shh, It’s a Nutritional Secret


Hey, remember at the end of our last blog, we promised to talk more about the inspiring seminar and let you in on a secret? Well, lucky for you, I didn’t forget I am supposed to do that. So I’m back with more exciting news to share about the products carried by Nashville Healthnote.

One of the speakers present at the seminar last weekend was Dr. Michael, an internal medicine M.D. on the Wellness Panel for the weight loss/nutritional products Nashville Healthnote supplies. One of the reasons he was there was to let people know that weight loss and nutrition go hand in hand. You can’t lose weight the healthy way without good nutrition. (As mentioned last week, you can lose weight with other programs, but they are not healthy and you will gain the weight back.)

It is for this reason, that as you are on Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss program, you are also strongly encouraged to take their Optimals. Optimals are what they call their Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. By taking supplements, you prevent deficiencies in your body to keep you healthy and allow your body to more easily heal itself when it’s not so healthy. (Hey, it is flu season afterall. It would be nice to completely avoid it, but if you can’t, at least get over it quicker.)

Actually, while we’re on the subject of healing faster, The University of Chicago in Illinois performed  a study on patients who were admitted into the hospital. None of the patients had ever taken vitamin and mineral supplements before their admittance. Half were given these nutritional supplements and the other half were given a placebo. Guess what, the patients who took the supplements were discharged an average of 3 days earlier than the others. Their bodies healed faster. (Not to mention they saved a boatload of $$$ in medical bills.) Pretty cool, huh?

When Dr. Michael began his speech, he started with this question, “Do we really need nutrition, if we have medicine?” The answer is YES and he went on to explain that at the infancy of medicine, the doctor would see you, decide what was wrong, and then tell you what nutritional foods you should eat…because there are some foods that are referred to as SuperFoods.

Following these beliefs, one of Nashville Healthnote’s products is a liquid you do a shot of in the morning. IT CONTAINS 34 SUPERFOODS found all around the globe. These ingredients support your mind and body health, to promote a long healthy life. Plus, everyone who takes it feels great afterwards, totally energized and ready to start their day.

So now you know the little secret…lose weight the healthy way by adding Optimals, vitamin and mineral supplements that will jumpstart your new healthy lifestyle and make up for any deficiencies your body may have. Once again, pretty cool, huh?