The Healthy Family

The Healthy Family


Think about when you were growing up. Did your dad come home from work and want your mom to have dinner on the table at five o’clock sharp? Did the nightly homemade meal consist of a meat, a vegetable, a bunch of starchy mashed potatoes that were made with an entire stick of butter, and then dessert if you weren’t too full after second helpings?


Well your mom did a few things right.


  1. Healthy, nutrient-rich veggies are a must at every meal.
  2. Eating before 7pm at night is the way to go.
  3. She had everyone sit down to eat together as a family, thus creating good memories.


But now here’s another question. Are you currently overweight and in the need of a weight loss program that actually works? If your answer is yes, and I suspect it is since ⅓ of Americans are overweight, it’s time to check out and then call Nashville Healthnote to set up your free consultation.


During your consultation, you will learn many important facts about not just losing weight, but also about eating healthy for life by changing your habits. The key word here is HABITS. Do you realize that your children (just as you did when you were little, and now you find yourself in the need of a diet) model your behaviors; this includes your eating habits.


By showing your children that eating healthy is important, they will more than likely lead a healthier lifestyle as adults. What’s great, is that if you need to shed a few pounds, you can follow Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss program and teach your kids the value of eating healthy. It’s not too late for you or your children.


Here’s what else is great about Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss program, while you are taking their nutritional supplements, the vitamins and minerals they refer to as “Optimals”, and their special drops that go under your tongue before meals to curb your appetite and burn more fat, you will also be enjoying home cooked meals rather than pre-packaged diet foods like on other plans. Yummm, microwaved preservatives for dinner; I think I’ll pass on seconds.


The home cooked meals you will be enjoying, will consist of foods found on Nashville Healthnote’s Approved Food List. You can find it on their website, Added bonus, have your child help you prepare the meals. It’ll be fun :-) You will get to spend quality time with your little one, creating memories like your mom did with you (and your kid will love it). Plus, since your little chef helped prepare the food, he/she will be more likely to eat it. So in a fun way, you are instilling healthy habits in your kiddos.


Do you still like dessert after your meals? Try this…put some fresh berries full of antioxidants (blueberry and raspberry maybe), some ice cubes and almond milk (It tastes like milk, but it contains more calcium, has less calories and is dairy free) in a blender and mix it up. Fruit smoothie on a hot summer day, baby…trust me, you and your kids will both love it.


Big boned kids? I think not. Remember, children model their parents’ behaviors. If you eat well, your children will too. But if you feast on fatty, processed junk, your kids will think that’s the norm. I don’t know about you, but I would feel better if my kid reached for a few carrot sticks or an apple when he’s needing a little something, rather than a bag of chips. (Plus, there are less crumbs to pick up.)
So if your habits were learned from your parents and you could stand to lose a few, give Nashville Healthnote a call to speak with one of their professional weight loss counselors. Remember, they aren’t just about losing weight, they are about healthy lifestyles and habits. If you develop those, you will not only lose weight, but you will also be enjoying quality time with your children for years to come.