Weekly Webinars

Weekly Webinars

We’ve all been there; we go on a diet without any help from others. Well going it alone doesn’t always work. After you’ve been dieting for a little while it gets harder because you stop losing as much as you did in the first few weeks and maybe even hit a plateau. Talking from experience, if you hit a plateau, it’s super difficult to keep yourself motivated. Nashville Healthnote understands this, and they have a solution for you.


When you are on Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss program, you are invited to watch a webinar each Sunday night on your home computer. That’s right, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home and fight traffic to attend it. Simply turn on your machine, go to www.tnhealthnote.com, log in, and be prepared to have motivation flowing through your veins..


The first time I watched/listened to Nashville Healthnote’s webinar, which by the way is brought to you by the company that developed their products, I went in with the mindset that it would be boring and they will probably just try selling me more products. I couldn’t have been more wrong.


Within the first few minutes, I was totally engrossed in what they had they had to say. This webinar was not a sales pitch, it was a fantastic learning tool. You know, Nashville Healthnote is always saying they aren’t just about the weight loss; they are about getting you healthy. During the webinar, I learned about health, the way the body works, what my body needs to run at its optimum, and so much more. By the time it was over, I was totally ready to jump back on the saddle and lose more weight.


So you may be wondering who the featured speakers are on the webinar. Are they salesmen? Are they scientists? No. They are doctors who have devoted their lives to helping people stay healthy.


Meet Dr. Michael Dimayuga, M.D.. He has practiced medicine for over 25 years. Unlike most physicians who heal the sick (he does that too), Dr. Dimayuga has devoted his career to teaching his patients how to be proactive with their health. He educates them on the use of supplements (vitamins and minerals) to maintain their health and well-being. He believes in preventing bad health and the complications that go along with it.


The other speaker is Dr. Ginger Herbert, B.A., D.C.. As an active consumer health advocate, Dr. Ginger is known for her belief in “disease reversal”. She has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, has appeared on numerous CNN and Fox News broadcasts, and has written many articles on the topic of overcoming health challenges. In the end, these health changes will save a company money…and who doesn’t like to save a buck, right? Educating the public on health prevention issues is her passion and lucky for us, her inspiring speeches on Nashville Healthnote’s weekly webinar will have you motivated to lose weight again in no time.


Not only will Dr. Ginger and Dr. Dimayuga get you motivated to lose weight, but they will teach you why it is so important to your current and future health. You will find that if you stick with your weight loss plan, You Will Get Past Your Plateau and Begin Losing Again.


Everyone hits plateaus in their weight loss efforts. The only difference between you and others, however, is that you are watching weekly seminars and sticking to it to get past it. Like I said earlier, Nashville Healthnote is not just about losing weight, it is about being healthy now and in the future.