Weight Loss Success Tips

Weight Loss Success Tips


Does this sound like you?…Do you feel like you need a college degree in mathematics to figure out all the weight you’ve lost and gained an then lost and gained and then…you know the drill…and so does Nashville Healthnote.


Your diets always start off the same; you are totally motivated to succeed, lose the weight, and keep it off this time. You even go so far as to clean out your refrigerator and cupboard so no temptations will be lurking, waiting to tempt you during a weak moment. Your efforts work, the weight is slowly but surely melting off.




You go into work and a co-worker is retiring, so it’s a celebratory food day, complete with everything from chips and dip to the moistest looking brownies ever. Just one square won’t hurt, right? I mean, you’ve been good, right…eating salads day and day out? Blek, the thought of lettuce AGAIN for a meal sounds so unappetizing. Sooo you have the brownie, but you don’t stop there; just a few chips won’t hurt.




Lucky for you, Nashville Healthnote has the solution. If you are on their all natural, homeopathic weight loss program, not only will you lose the weight fast (but still at a healthy speed), but you will also keep the weight off and stay motivated because YOU WILL SEE RESULTS. Plus, you won’t get tired of eating salad like a rabbit. Why? Because although salads are a good choice when topped with lots of raw veggies, if you check out their approved food list, you will see there are many different food items for you to enjoy. That said, dieting can be a challenge at times, so here are a few tips to keep you motivated to lose those extra pounds.



  • Set a Realistic Goal for Yourself. Take it five pounds at a time. Don’t ever go into a diet saying, “I’m going to lose 25 + pounds this month.” Set small goals and celebrate when you reach them. Remember, reaching a goal will keep you motivated to continue on with your weight loss journey :-)
  • Don’t Go So Fast. Changing your lifestyle, eating habits, exercising, etc. doesn’t happen overnight, so ease into it. Maybe try just cutting 200 calories from your diet at first. 200 calories isn’t much and you most probably won’t realize you cut it out, so you won’t get frustrated.
  • Setbacks Are Normal. Hey we’re only human. right? Just try not to let that temptation you give into win. Okay, so you ate a chocolate chip cookie…just don’t eat more. Stop. Rinse it down with a nice cold glass of healthy almond milk and be done with it. If you think about all the weight you’ve lost on Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss program, it will be easy to get back on track right away.
  • Find a Weight Loss Friend. If you’re anything like me, when it comes to going to the gym or taking a walk, I’ll make up any excuse to get out of it. However, if I have a friend waiting to walk or work out with me, I won’t skip it. I’m not sure if its because I don’t want to look like a loser or because I don’t want to miss out on the chance to hang out with my friend, but I don’t make excuses. The same is true, I find, with dieting. It easier to do with a buddy cheering you on, and you can do the same for him/her.
  • Patience is a Virtue. A NORMAL part of any diet is hitting a plateau. But if you stick with it and maybe tweak a few things like what you are eating or mix up the type of exercise you’ve been doing, the weight WILL start coming off again. In the meantime, follow tip #6’s advice.
  • Treat Yourself. Dieting is not easy (although it does seem like it is at the rate your fat melts off your body on Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss program), so reward yourself when you hit your goals: mani/pedi, new dress, night out dancing with your soulmate.
  • After the Diet…be sure to have a maintenance plan in place so you keep the weight off. On Nashville Healthnote’s maintenance plan, a few more foods are added to their approved food list for you to enjoy, amongst other things. Maintenance on their plan is not difficult because by the time you have reached your ideal weight, you will have developed a new lifestyle, a new healthy outlook on food and eating habits that will stay with you. Going back to your old habits won’t ever cross your mind.

For more information about Nashville Healthnote’s weight loss program or to get motivated by more success tips, check out www.tnhealthnote.com.